Welcome to the North Macedonia IEEE ED/IM/SSC Chapter Web page

After the petition has been submitted to the IEEE Headqaurters the Joint Republic of Macedonia IEEE Electron Devices Society, Instrumentation & Measurement Society and Solid State Circuits Society (EDS/IMS/SSCS)  Chapter has been approved on July 16, 2007.

All three societies are active in the areas of electron devices, instrumentation and measurement and solid state circuits thereof. Each society organizes a conference annually.

Chapter Objective

Our aim is to act as a facilitator in the area of electron devices, instrumentation and measurements and solid state circuits in North Macedonia, to promote communication within the Macedonian scientific and engineering community and strengthen national and international ties in meetings.

As an IEEE member of the IEEE North Macedonia Section you are also automatically a member of our Chapter when you have selected either the EDS (Soc. code 015) and/or the IMS (Soc. code 009) and/or the  as one of the SSCS (Soc. code 037) societies on your IEEE membership application form.  Electronic submission of a membership application is possible.

                                                                                                            Chapter Chair

                                                                                                           Vladimir Dimcev