ED/IM/SSC Chapter of the North Macedonia Section


In 2021 Chapter had one Administrative/Social meetings.

On 24 February 2021 the Chapter Annual Meeting was held. The report of  chapter activities in 2020 has been discussed and approved.



The presentation for membership development was held during  ETAI 2021 Conference.


The membership development activities among the students have been organized to attract students to join SSCS.


The chapter had in plan to sponsor the organization and some expenses for renewing the necessary equipment for the student event RoboMac, our student members were involved in its organization during previous events. Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 Pandemic the event had to be suspended for 2021. Whether (or when) it will be resumed nobody knows.

The chapter has sponsored some student conferences.

Chapter had one Social meeting.


The Chapter Vice-Chair Goce Arsov has attended with a presentation of Chapter activities two SSCS Virtual Chapter Meetings (on 30.07.2020 and 25.02.2021), and one Virtual EDS vTools training for chapters (24.02.2021).

The election of new chapter officers was held at the end of this year, using v-tools. The new officers should be approved at the Section Annual meeting.

The activities should attract people to join IEEE and SSCS.

We expect additional student SSCS members.

Sponsoring RoboMac (the most important student branch activity) involve students from more than 30 countries and should increase the interest in IEEE and SSCS.

Sponsoring the student conferences will give us possibility to advertise by organizing the SSCS boot at the conference.

Organizing workshops for students should attract more students to join IEEE and SSCS 


All technical meetings are open for anyone and free of charge. Every technical meeting begins with short introduction to IEEE and SSCS


List of technical talks,  organized in 2021. 

1. 15 March 2021, Technical – “Modern Assistive Technologies”, Speaker: Toni Bachvarovski, http://www.openthewindows.org/en, FEEIT – Skopje, ZOOM Meeting, N. Macedonia, 13 IEEE + 11 Guests

2. 17 March 2021, Technical – “Computers and Education: Where are We Now?”, Speaker: Prof. Predrag Pejovic, ETF, Belgrade, Serbia, FEEIT – Skopje, ZOOM Meeting, N. Macedonia, 10 IEEE + 7 Guests

3. 20 April 2021, Technical – “Electrogastrography: An Overview with Applications”, Speaker: Dr. Nadica Miljkovikj,
ETF, Belgrade, Serbia, FEEIT – Skopje ,ZOOM Meeting, N. Macedonia, 7 IEEE + 8 Guests

4. 27 April 2021, Techncal - “ECG for Everybody”, Speaker: Dr. Stevan Jokic, University of Novi Sad, Serbia,
FEEIT – Skopje, ZOOM Meeting, N. Macedonia, 4 IEEE + 10 Guests

5. 27 May 2021, Techncal – “Introduction to IHP Semiconductor Technology and Digital Design Flow“, Speaker: Goran Panic of IHP Microelectronics, Frankfurt (Oder) Germany, FEEIT – Skopje ,ZOOM Meeting, N. Macedonia, 5 IEEE + 16 Guests

6. 17 Dec 2021, Technical – “Simulation Software Next Door”, Speaker: Prof Dragica Vasileska, ASU, USA, FEEIT – Skopje, ZOOM Meeting, N. Macedonia, 15 IEEE + 27 Guests

7. 22 Dec 2021, Technical – “Audio technology in sound recording and processing”, Speaker:

 Slobodan Tanevski, University of audiovisual arts European Film, Theater and Dance Academy, Location: University of audiovisual arts European Film, Theater and Dance Academy, Skopje, N. Macedonia, 3 IEEE + 7 Guests