Оддел ED/IM/SSC при Македонската секција на ИЕЕЕ

Извештај за активности во 2018/19

Chapter had two Administrative/Social meetings.

On 19 February 2019 the Chapter Annual Meeting was held. The report of chapter activities in 2018 has been discussed and approved.

On May 31st there was a social meeting after the presentation of Acad. Prof. Slobodan Vukosavic.


The student conference on Power Efficiency SK-EEOR has been sponsored


The presentation for membership development was held during the International conference ETAI 2018


One Plenary keynote speech at ETAI 2018 is organized and sponsored by the chapter.


One technical meeting with Lecturer from abroad is scheduled for September 19, 2018 – Prof. Brian A. Barsky, Prof. Emeritus at Berkeley, Distinguished speaker of the ACM.

The membership development activities among the students have been organize to attract students to join EDS and to form a student branch chapter


The chapter has sponsored the student event RoboMac 2019, our student members were involved in its organization.

The chapter has Sponsored the student conference on Power Efficiency EEOR 2019

The chapter is sponsoring the student event RoboMac 2020, our student members are involved in its organization.


The election of new chapter officers will be held at the end of this year, using v-tools


List technical talks, distinguished lectures, MQs, Workshops, Humanitarian

Activities, etc. organized in 2018-2019 (July-June). Give details of
date/speaker/attendance/venue, etc.

1. 19 September 2018, Technical – “From Vision-Realistic Rendering to Vision Correcting Displays”, Speaker: Prof. Emeritus Brian A. Barsky, University of California, Berkeley, USA; Location: Skopje, Macedonia; 11 IEEE + 6 Guests

2. 20 September 2018, Technical -  Special Session on Instrumentation and Measurement at ETAI 2018   -  organized and sponsored by EDS/IMS/SSCS (of the Republic of Macedonia Section) at ETAI 2018; Co-Chairs: Mare Srbinovska and Andrijana Kuhar, SS Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, MK; 6 Scientific papers were presented; Location: Struga, Macedonia; 16 IEEE + 8 Guests


3. 21 December 2018, Technical - ProsoDeep : Deep understanding and modelling of the hierarchical structure of Prosody,  Speaker: Dr. Branislav Gerazov, SS Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, MK, Location FEEIT – Skopje, Macedonia, 13 IEEE + 9 Guests

4.  08 May 2019, Technical – “Use, significance and trends in assistive technology”, Speaker: Toni Bachvarovski, http://www.openthewindows.org/en; Location: FEEIT – Skopje, MK, 8 IEEE + 26 Guests.

5.  21 May 2019, Technical – “Computer Aided Navigation of Smart Medical Tools during Spine Surgeries”, Speaker: Bojan Matovski, FEEIT, Skopje; Location: FEEIT – Skopje, MK, 7 IEEE + 17 Guests.


6.  31 May 2019, Technical – “Power Disturbances Damping in Electric Power Network Using Electronic Controlled Sources”, Speaker: Acad. Prof. Slobodan Vukosavic, Serbian Academy of Science and Arts & Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia; Location: FEEIT – Skopje, MK, 20 IEEE + 9 Guests.

7.  11 June 2019, Technical – “Graph Signal Processing: Connections to Distributed Optimization and Deep Learning”, Speaker: Prof. Geert Leus, Department of Microelectronics, TU Delft, The Netherlands; Location: Marriott Hotel – Skopje, MK, 45 IEEE + 71 Guests.

8.  13 June 2019, Technical – “Introduction to the use of Python in the engineering and scientific work”, Speaker: Speaker: Dr. Branislav Gerazov, SS Cyril and Methodius University, Skopje, MK, Location FEEIT – Skopje, Macedonia, 5 IEEE + 10 Guests